"Give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day but teach him to

fish and he can feed his family and his community for life’ Unknown"

Together with Lagos State Sports Commission, we hope to commence with a pilot of 12 (twelve) selected schools, 2 (two) from each of the 6 (six) Educational Zones across Lagos State. Up to 32 (thirty two) Sports Coaches from the schools will take part in a comprehensive training workshop aimed at equipping the Coaches to roll out netball in their various schools. BNB will monitor the progress of the Coaches in their respective schools to ensure the quality of the teaching. The goal is to have 12 teams ready to compete in a Lagos State Schools Zonal Netball Tournament.

A successful pilot will pave the way for the rollout of this program across Lagos State culminating in regular State competitions and inter- school tournaments and leagues.

BNB is currently looking for funding to make this happen and would love to hear from interested individuals and corporations that would like to develop sports in schools and most especially the girl child.

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