A Purple perspective
It was an overcast but hot morning at 1004.
Taiwo, Reds captain called tails but lost the toss so Lucy, purple captain chose to shoot at the wide end hope side of court.
The game started at a fast pace for both teams, with the respective teams getting into the swing of things fairly quickly. Taiwo scored a few quick goals for the reds as she zipped past the purple defence. However the purple shooters Boye and Fope kept up with the pace and helped the team take an early lead.
The red team made some changes in the second quarter helping them catch up on goal terms, and making it a close run thing.
At half time, the oranges came out and, Purples brought on a couple of new players to change up their defence and attack.
It was a very competitive third with reds really on the attack making sure every shot counted.
Tola and Funke didn't seem to miss. But good pressure from Feh and Yinka helped minimise their opportunities.
At the other end Fope and Liz were getting in the swing of things and helped maintain the lead.
Early in the fourth quarter Taiwo was substituted for Moji as she was unwell. The purples were determined to ensure that their regained lead would not be lost again. They fought to maintain possession, and to extend the lead. In the end purple's had their game together and were making efficient use of the centre pass to score. It helped them to a hard fought win!
I would really like to thank the team, BJ, Boye, Feh, Fope, Liz, Tosin, Yewande and Yinka for their commitment on the day and to training which I believe paid off on the day. Well done ladies!

Well done to the reds for giving us a run for our money and well done to the organisers and umpires for a coordinating a successful game. Let's hope it's not too long before we do it again!
Lucy Arole (Purple Captain)


A Red perspective
The BNB competitive match held on the 9th of April 2016, at exactly 8:30am commenced with a toss-up. The Red team’s captain, Taiwo called tails which gave the captain of the purple team Lucy, the opportunity of choosing where to shoot.
It wasn’t a great start for the REDS as they were missing 3 key players scheduled to begin the first quarter for the team. Even though the PURPLES seem to have their complete team all set to go, the captain of the REDs swiftly did a swoop in the positions and got on with the game in high spirits.
The PURPLES had a great start as they led in the first quarter, while the REDs scored just 3 goals in the first quarter. The REDs strategy was to defend from the Centre- third all the way to the shooting area of the PURPLEs. Moji and Zatur did an excellent job at defending the PURPLEs’ GA and GS. Unfortunately for the REDs, Boye and Fope were quick to get enough shots in for the PURPLEs. PURPLEs won the 1st quarter.
In the second quarter, the REDs quickly made a few changes by getting its first 7 to play and they won that quarter as they were able to meet up with the PURPLEs and even led at the end of the quarter. Thanks to Funke and Tola!
After a 5 minute break, the PURPLEs changed a few players so did the REDs. It was a very tough quarter as both teams went in on their defense. Temi and Aba of the REDs were able to intercept pretty much every pass from the PURPLEs. This gave the REDs’ attacks enough time to make as many shots. Suddenly, the PURPLEs GD and GK reduced the number of scores for the REDs by ensuring that they defended every pass and went for every rebound. The PURPLEs won the quarter.
And then came the 4th and final quarter! The captain of the REDs had to be replaced with another team member as she began to feel unwell. The REDs did not let the loss of its captain affect their game. Both teams fought hard to be in the lead. At the end, the PURPLEs won the game by 4 points.
This goes to show that every member of the club has improved their netball skills immensely. The behavior by both teams on and off court is commendable! The umpires made fair calls during the game. I must say the game was well organized and hopefully we have more competitive matches within ourselves in the near future.

Taiwo Famuyide (Reds Captain.

The Bringing Netball Back "BNB" club are excited to announce their partnership with The Lagos State Sports Commission which took place early this year. This opportunity has opened the door for BNB Club to introduce netball to Lagos State Schools.

BNB Club will be rolling out netball with a pilot of 12 schools, which will involve at least 120 young Nigerian girls. The pilot will train and equip the girls to partake in an inter-school tournament from September 2016. 

Bimbo Smith, Founder, BNB Club expressed " We strongly believe that exposing girls to team sports, such as netball will enable them to develop key skills that will lead to well-rounded individuals. We want to empower girls, instill in them confidence and create sporting opportunities for them”

Feh Soetan, Coach Director, BNB club said " We look forward to working with Lagos State Sports Commission to engage girls in a positive activity that will add value and change lives."
For more information about BNB Club please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And the Results .........................................                                                    

The atmosphere was charged from the onset. We all entered the Tournament not really knowing what to expect. The four teams, Las Gidi Chicks, Hotshots, Flying Vixens and Sky Divas were to play each other in the round robin with the two teams with the most points playing in the finals. Adrenaline was high, players were pumped the National Anthem was sung and the Tournament commenced...
The hotshots started a little lukewarm but ended the tournament smoking hot! Las Gidi Chicks in true ‘Naija’ style rolled with the punches and were able to overcome against the odds of missing players and injuries. Special shout out to Toks who was a real trooper. We wish her a speedy recovery. Sanne and Violet were selfless on the day, willing to defect to Las Gidi Chicks, from the Vixens and Divas respectively, to keep the Chicks’ tournament hopes alive. Thanks ladies. There was definitely some sizing up going on between Divas and Vixens, particularly amongst the coaches who played opposite each other. The first match-up between Divas and Vixens went to the Vixens who were convincing in their win. However, the final match, between the two teams, was more closely fought. The win could have gone either way but the Vixens were able to hold on to their nerves (even after the power cut!) and their one point lead. Honestly, for me, the final whistle could not have come any sooner. Phew!

Hellen and Rosemary, the umpires for the day and both ex-England netball players (yep, we took it there!) gave MVP trophies to Tola (best shooter), Fope (best centre court player) and Biba (best defender). Well played, well deserved and congratulations ladies! Hellen also whispered to me that she was watching the players closely and scouted 2 players who with further coaching could compete at an international level. Hmm…any guesses who they are? On my part, I made a promise to Hellen to push these two ladies extra hard. Watch out ladies!  The rest of you, don’t feel left out, we have no favourites in the club so you can all look forward to this ‘special’ treatment next year.

Happy Holidays and a seriously amazing 2016!!

BNB Coaches xx

Welcome to BoW Iss 2 which we hope offers readers a snapshot at what has been an exciting and fun packed season. There’s more where that came from so don’t forget us over the summer!!  BoW is all about making you feel great so catch up on our members Bnews, work out with the Fitness guru and indulge in some healthy addictions. Get Inspired.   A little birdie says: BNB is looking for a fitness instructor / personal trainer to whip us Back2Fitness in September. Woo hoo!

BNB on Walkabout (BoW)


Four teams battle for honours at BNB Netball championship!! Forty men and women in 4 teams will on Monday May 29 go head to head for honours at the The Bringing Netball Back (‘BNB’)Club Championships holding at Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos @ 10AM. This Mixed-Netball Tournament is staged to increase awareness of netball and raise funds for Charity. Come and watch our participating teams: Alphas, Blazing Bullets, Gladiators and So-United in an exciting demonstration of netball for the whole family to enjoy. Entry is FREE but Donations are very, very welcome. MASSIVE THANKS to our sponsors Model Steel Industries and to The Lagos State Sports Commission for their continued support. BNB xx

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