Why do I still love this game and at my age no less !! Well I could tell you that I’m from a crazily competitive family, or I love eating but hate dieting or even that it keeps me fit, my buns impressive or that I think I look HOT in leggings!! The truth is netball makes me feel GREAT. It is like being part of this super incredible, subhuman machine that is more powerful and more awesome than its individual components. You get to experience moments of pure magic on the court. You can’t beat that really.

Feh xx (Feb 2012).


I joined BNB because I love netball and was so happy to find some others in Lagos who did too. For me it was a great way of meeting new friends and learning a bit more about Nigerian culture.

Melissa (April 2014)


The BNB Club came about for purely selfish reasons.I wanted to play netball again, having not played for close to 10
years! This sentiment quickly changed, BNB became about sharing this wonderful game, which I am passionate about,with as many people and have them experience the many positives that I get from netball - it keeps me fit, it teaches me to focus, it encourages discipline, respect, camaraderie but above all it’s SO MUCH FUN. I was over
whelmed and still am at how our members embrace the sport and their obvious LOVE of netball – the countless times during the rainy season when we get on our hands and knees (perhaps a slight exaggeration) to dry the court in time for us to play.Netball is no respecter of age, class or ability. EVERYONE can have a moment on court where they shine
and are applauded. There’s no better feeling, it’s amazing.That’s why I love netball and most importantly, why I love BNB!

Bimbo XX founder


I was introduced to Netball/BNB at a time where I was fed up with my gym routine and more or less given up on any
exercise regime. This happened in April 2012. Having never played netball before, I found myself learning the rudiments of a new game in my "Old Age". This journey has been some 2 and a half years and it has been totally awesome. I am not the pro that I wish I was but I like to think I play adecent game. More importantly, I play it with some of the most amazing women I have met in my lifetime. As a team sport it has taught me a deeper sense of commitment, a lot of diplomacy and tact and a feeling of belonging. BNB for me is akin to family. I get to play a game I have so come to love with women I admire, love and respect. What more could I ask for?

Boye xx (April 2012)


Hmmmm...............Why does BJ love netball?

Let’s see........ I did not start playing with the intent to fall in love at all, for me it was just a means of keeping fit.........as long as I did not have to go to the gym, I was willing. So in February 2012 when Bimbo Smith invited me to join BNB I was very eager, the timing wasperfect, location ideal and it involved good people........easy peasy!

Initially it was just for the fun of it, then I started getting better, more people joined the club, it became a social family, competition got more intense, I got more determined to learn it with the aim of being as good as the champions in our midst who are pros (let’s park that dream here and just accept it as “work in progress”) LOL

Then our coaches introduced the competitive matches which gingered us some more...........the rest is where we are today GEM2014 by BNB. Netball has become more than a sport to me and BNB has become more than a club................lives are being changed and relationships are being fostered, temperaments are being discovered and nurtured, I am developing a stronger sense of responsibility and many, many more gains. For me BNB is not just a
bout netball, BNB is Beyond Net Ball, It creates this sense of growth which is anawesome feeling, it keeps me on my toes, it gives aclear example that no matter your age once your mind is involved you can do anything..............simply put I love netball because of BNB Best Regards

'Bolaji.......live life!!!!



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