Derived from basketball, netball is played with the same intensity and fervour, promoting healthy competition, teamwork, co-ordination and fitness.

It is primarily played by women and currently features in the Common Wealth Games with a view to including it as an Olympic event in the near future.

Basic Rules and Game Play

Each netball team has 7 players and the aim of the game is to score a goal by shooting a ball through a hoop with no backboard, at either end of the court.

The positions in a netball team are as follows: (Diagram of court with positions here)

Positions Responsibilities Court

 GS- GoalShooter

  To score goals and to work in and around the circle with the GA 1 & 2
 GA- Goal Attack   To feed and work with GS and to score goals 1, 2 & 3
 WA- Wing Attack   To feed the circle players giving them shooting opportunities 2 & 3
 C Centre   To take the Centre Pass and to link the defence and the attack 2, 3 & 4
 WD- Wing  To look for interceptions and to prevent the WA from feeding the defence circle 3 & 4
 GD- Goal Defence   To win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA 3, 4 & 5
 GK- Goal Keeper   To work with the GD and to prevent the GS from scoring goals 4 & 5

Only the 'Goal Shooter' and 'Goal Attack' of a team are allowed to score directly, and can only do so in their opposition’s goal circle.


The rules regarding footwork in netball are particularly specific and important.Firstly, a player cannot let their landing foot touch the floor again if they lift it away from the ground at all while in possession of the ball. Thus it is often said that a player can only take 1.5 steps while holding the ball. They can however still balance on the other foot even if landing leg is lifted.

3 Seconds

A player may also only hold onto the ball for 3 seconds at a time. The combination of these rules makes for a fast game, whereby the only way of transporting the ball towards the oppositions’ goal is through passing.


Netball also has strict rules regarding contact. Contact is prohibited where it impedes with an opponent or game play. A player must also always be at least 3 feet away from an opponent with the ball when defending. If impeding contact is made then a penalty is awarded.


Netball requires very little to get started:

A court/ space – Netball can be played on an asphalt, wooden or grass surface.

Netball posts – Placed in the centre of the baseline at either end of the court.

Netball – Specified netball or size 5 footballs. One ball is needed to play and they tend to be white and lighter than a basketball

Netball bibs - Each member of the team is designated a position which dictates where on the court they are allowed.

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